What we do

We provide a comprehensive accounting and taxation service for small to medium sized enterprises with the objective of achieving both business profitability and compliance with statutory and other regulatory obligations.

Our services vary in accordance with the clients’ own in-house resources. They range from the provision of a complete bookkeeping and compliance service for a sole trader to providing advice and compliance services to companies with their own in-house accounting capability.


Start-up Entity

A prospective client approached the practice with the objective of starting a retail business. The client had some capital and needed bank borrowings to finance the project.

This practice was engaged to:

  • advise the client on the best structure to be put in place from both tax and risk management perspectives .
  • obtain the necessary Bank borrowings at the most competitive market terms

The funding was obtained and the Business was set up in a structure that achieved both tax efficiency and risk management protection for the promoter.

The client has an ongoing relationship with the practice and it has been engaged to look after the entity’s ongoing Tax and Companies Office compliance obligations.

Sole Trader

we provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop service for an entity engaged in construction services. These include:

  • Maintenance of books, records and nominal ledgers in compliance with Revenue Commissioner requirements
  • Completion of periodic PAYE/PRSI and Value Added Tax returns
  • Finalization of annual accounts
  • Determination of trader’s annual tax liability and submission of annual tax return to the Collector General
  • Providing both general and specific advice and guidance throughout the year on the profitable and sustainable running of the business
  • Providing the proprietor with appropriate tax planning and wealth creation opportunities

Limited Companies

Limited Company A

  • Involvement in the preparation of annual budgets for both income to be generated and revenue and capital expenditure to be incurred and as appropriate liaising with the client’s bank to ensure the company has adequate funding to carry on its business during the year under review
  • Providing general business advice to the Directors throughout the year
  • Finalization of annual accounts
  • Computing corporation tax liability and submission of accounts to the Collector General
  • Submission of year end accounts to the Companies Office
  • Advising Directors on personal tax planning and wealth creation opportunities
  • Finalization of Directors’ income tax liabilities

Limited Company B

  • Preparing annual Company accounts
  • Submitting accounts to both Collector General and Companies Office
  • Handling Directors’ income tax returns
  • Negotiating with Inspector of Taxes on Companies entitlement to receipt of Certificate of Authorization in accordance with Income Tax (Relevant Contracts) Regulations 2000 (S.I. No. 71 of 2000). The Inspector refused to issue a Certificate to the client Company. The Directors instructed this practice to lodge an appeal to the Appeals Commissioner against the Inspector’s decision. The appeal resulted in the Commissioner ruling in favor of the Company and granting the Certificate.

The above are just examples of the range of services we provide to both incorporated and unincorporated entities on a daily basis. The practice has capacity and expertise to take on new clients and we are keen to meet prospective clients with a view to this practice having an ongoing professional association with them.